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The Pledge:

We will change the way our society treats, values, respects and views older adults  

• There will be no more tolerance of indignity.

• We will not be marginalized.

• We will not be liquidated emotionally or financially.


• We will not tolerate to be spoken about as though we don’t exist  as though we are                 invisible 

• You have something to say to us – you tell us.

• Do not patronize us – because we are serious.


• Don’t exclude us because of an artificial indicator of age.

• The days of isolation are over. 

• The days of being victimized / excluded by policies, programs and opportunities are             history.

• We will make our own decisions – we will direct our own destiny and we will live the               lives that we want to live.

• Understand, we do this for us….we do this in memory of those that have gone before           us - in isolation, misery, detachment and despair….and we do this for you….because             our efforts – although may seem radical – will re-shape the attitudes and policies that             imprisoned older adults in the United States.

• Our Voice will not be muted.

• Our Visions will not be diluted - and we will go to whatever means it takes - for you –               the citizens of this free country - to understand we are serious.

• We will challenge you on every front possible.

• We will meet you on the front pages of media, we will meet you in the hallways of                   courts and legislative systems, we will meet you in any venue that is required.


Our work is not done…we will reclaim our wishes, our voice, our desires, our dignity, our Life - for ourselves and those we love.


Age Like it Matters....Because it Does!

Age LOUDLY!!!!®

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